Gotta make sure everybody knows I like art, right?

  • ARTNEWS MAGAZINE: every self-respecting Art Nerd has a subscription to Artnews. It is probably the most respected art publication internationally -- and with good reason! They cover galleries, museums, shows, artists, controversial issues, everything. A good read.
  • CHRISTIE'S MUG: a souvenir from my summer internship in Christie's Old Masters Paintings Department -- don't tell Sothebae!
  • ABEX ARTISTS PHONE CASE: my other art nerd friends absolutely hate this -- they think it makes me look basic. But I'll happy own it: I'm in this game for the Abstract Expressionists. And I don't mind if everyone knows it. 
  • WARHOL PENCILS: a silly gift from one of my best friends at Williams. It's nice once everyone else recognizes you're an artnerd, cus then they give you art stuff.
  • THIEBAUD POSTCARD: lastly, a very sweet postcard from a very sweet art history friend from San Francisco. He bought it at the SFMoMA and sent it to me here -- obviously a permanent fixture on my bulletin board.

Do you have any favorite art stuff? What are they? 

Kelsey Leonard