And last but not least: the absolute star of the Sotheby's Contemporary Evening sale (in my humble opinion), Sam Francis's "Summer #1." 

This absolute stunner of a work took center stage during the Contemporary exhibition at Sotheby's in the week leading up to the Evening sale. That night, it sold for a whopping $11,842,000 -- almost DOUBLING the previous Francis record.

I knew this work would do well -- it was chosen for the cover of the Francis catalogue (a singular honor) and is simply breathtaking in person. One of my friends doesn't like Francis very much, however, and scoffed at my choice for Evening Star. I tried to explain to him -- Sam Francis is like roast chicken. A lot of the time, it's just okay. It's nourishing, it's hard to mess up, and pretty much anyone can cook it. But you know when you get AMAZING roast chicken that is just so mouthwateringly tender and delicious? And it makes you wonder why you don't eat roast chicken all the time? 

That's Summer #1. 

Kelsey Leonard