Okay, so here we have a perfect example of the two kinds of jewelry you can find jn the upcoming Sotheby's "Fine Jewels" sale. On the left, a gorgeous example of ingenious craftsmanship, a platinum and diamond bracelet from renowned jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels. The the right, the whimsical and utterly charming gold, ruby, and diamond brooch by Oscar Heyman & Brothers. The Sotheby's Fine Jewels sale is priced much more affordable than the Important Jewels sale, and is CERTAINLY more reasonable than the blockbuster Magnificent Jewels sale. It is the perfect place to pick up something beautifully classic or something perfectly impractical. 

The Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet is the work of a master: the large links, woven of diamonds in flexible settings, curves and slides around the wrist as though it were liquid. The fruity little brooch is equally masterful, with the tiny rounded rubies curving like actual strawberry seeds -- but it lacks the timeless class of the diamond bracelet. Instead of class, the strawberry adds a touch of ironic glee -- I love them both. 

Kelsey Leonard